"Even within this beautiful place resplendent with shops selling local produce, fine restaurants and traditional pubs, we have the obscenity of a growing number of food banks and over 800 children reliant on free school meals.”

How you can help


We truly value every penny donated to us and are proud that 93% of our spending to date has been used directly to help our neighbours.

Thank you for all you donate.



We have amazing volunteers who in Christmas 2020,  packed and delivered hampers. If you would like to help on any of our projects, please get in touch.



Are you competing in a race? Completing a personal challenge? Doing something amazing? If you believe in what The Sharing Table is doing, you can raise money in whatever event you fancy! 

Simply add your details to our Just Giving page:


A charity improving the lives of disadvantaged children in Gower and Swansea.


Reg. Charity Number: 1190056